Questions & Answers

Q. What is imaging?

A. Imaging is the act of taking paper documents (invoices, correspondence, customer files, applications) and transforming them into electronic images, by using a scanner.

Q. What is Records Management?

A. Management of all the documents of a business, whether produced internally or externally. It is the actual process of filing, storing, and retrieving physical documents. Physical limitations are staggering to even the smallest of businessmen.

Q. How much does it cost to store paper documents?

A. While physically storing the documents appears inexpensive at first glance, the cost can quickly escalate. First the file cabinets, the clerk to actually file everything folders, more time for the clerk to find what the previous clerk filed, and additional rent for the necessary space. Is it any wonder that imaging has become the standard in the drive to turn offices into paperless workplaces.

Q. Can I really become paperless?

A. You can become as paperless as you want! It is not beyond the realm of possibility to eliminate most of the paper you use today. With the ability to email electronic images, fax directly from your files and make electronic payments, if you are the least bit computer savvy, you can save a few trees annually.

Q. How can ObjectBaseX help me with Records Management and eliminating paper?

A. ObjectBaseX allows you to store, manage, and retrieve your documents from our secured website with a minimum of investment on your part. It can be used by an unlimited number of users, from an unlimited number of locations. Your files are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, 10 years a decade, I think you can see where we’re going here. It’s your information, you may use it whenever you want! We just store it and make it available for your use.

Q. What if my computer crashes?

A. Restart your computer and continue working. You don’t have to worry about losing your images, we have them on our mirrored storage systems to insure your images are safe and secure.

Q. What if Bader Technologies, Inc. computer crashes?

A. Since we have no experience in our computer crashing, I can only say that we invest our time, money and expertise in keeping our system operating at peak performance. While we do anticipate that one day we will suffer an actual equipment failure, we do everything currently possible to prevent any break of service to our customers by using a mirrored system which means both systems would have to crash at the same time to effect our users!

Q. How long would it take to implement ObjectBaseX?

A. It depends on the size of your company and your level of commitment. In some cases, customers have been scanning images within days of deciding to become our clients, and fully benefiting from ObjectBaseX within weeks.

Q. What are the hardware requirements for ObjectBaseX?

A. If you have a computer and an internet connection you have met the requirements. We would recommend that you use a recent Windows platform, a monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 and a high speed internet connection. The added resolution will provide clearer images and the faster the computer and internet connection, the more efficient the user will be.

Q. Can I customize ObjectBaseX to fit my business?

A. While we have a basic package, we realize every business has a way of operating that sets it apart from its competition. That’s why ObjectBaseX allows you to create your own folders (read “file drawer” ) and create an unlimited number of folders (read “drawer dividers”) inside each folder, followed by an unlimited number of documents in each folder. You may go on and on creating as many folders as you need or want to keep track of your documents.

Q. What about Training and Support?

A. We include on-site training at no charge with the installation. After the initial installation we offer continued support through our experienced staff.

Q. Do I have to start from “scratch”?

A. Not always! If you have a database or customer list in another program, it is likely that we can import that information into ObjectBaseX.

Q. How secure is my information?

A. ObjectBaseX allows you to set security for each user. You provide users with access to your information stored at our location by issuing sign-in names and passwords. Each user can be given access to different types of information. You can even control which computer each user has to use to access the system!

Q. What about all those “computer viruses” that get passed around on the internet?

A. While we are concerned about viruses, we are prepared to fight them also. We are constantly updated with the most recent virus scanning software and each and every file scanned into our system is checked for viruses when they are added to the system. They are also rechecked every time they are retrieved!

Q. How can ObjectBaseX help me be more efficient?

A. If you use the DataShare system, when the files are downloaded, we automatically create a folder for every new policy. Imagine never losing a document. If one employee is using a file and another one wants to look something up in the same file, no problem. You’ll never have a file sitting on one employee’s desk when a customer calls and has a question that you need the file to answer. Documents can be indexed by numerous identifiable characteristics, such as Name, Policy Number, City, Zip Code, Type of Policy, Date of Issue, Date of Payment, etc.

Q. How does ObjectBaseX create new folders automatically?

A. In our attempt to remain on the cutting edge of technology, we have built an OCR capability into ObjectBaseX, which can be used to automatically file documents when they are scanned in, or transferred electronically.