ObjectBaseX™ is easy to learn
As we have developed ObjectBaseX we have worked with existing ObjectBase users and with new customers--and people in all kinds of organizations find ObjectBaseX extremely easy to use. That said, one of the great myths of the computer business is that any software is "intuitive." We're committed to helping you and your colleagues learn how to take advantage of all that ObjectBaseX has to offer.

Self-guided training
If you're familiar with document management, you may find that you can teach yourself a lot of material, taking advantage of the ObjectBaseX Training database, the documentation, and our User-to-User Discussion Forums. We provide two forms of documentation: context-sensitive help for specific actions ("Ack! What do I do now?"); and tutorial help to give you the big-picture view of how to use ObjectBaseX ("Adding a Document").

Training classes
Some customers find it beneficial to send staff to training classes. You can send your staff to training classes near ObjectBaseX headquarters, or (if you have enough students attending) have a training class at your own facility. Training classes will cover the basic steps of document management and using ObjectBaseX--customized training for integrating ObjectBaseX into your operations can also be provided.

Distance learning
Sending staff for training takes time and costs a lot of money. ObjectBaseX doesn't take days to learn--so you may find that organizing a distance learning training class makes a lot of sense. An ObjectBaseX trainer works with your staff in a distance learning classroom--a room equipped for two-way videoconferencing. Your staff and the trainer can share computers and have a very productive training experience without the expense and hassle of a road trip.